Monday, June 04, 2007

The Empress

Hi paui

Fruitful abundance, fertility and motherhood, emotional
support, security and joy, and prosperity makes this one of
my favorite cards in the Tarot deck.


The Empress is a card that signifies reassurance and love
reflecting the maternal aspects of the card. When she
appears in your reading, The Empress may signify your
desire to be a mother or the possibility of you being one
(if you’re female!), or the desire for the kind of love a
mother gives and receives.

She is a good omen if you are considering starting a family
or having more children. She can also signify the need to
focus on your role as a mother or your relationship with
your own mother or mother figure.

We all like to be loved and cared for and The Empress
signifies the comforting feeling and reward one receives
for loving and caring for those that are dear to you. As
an outcome, she is a sign that abundance and well-being is
on its way and that everything will turn out alright for

Wherever she appears in a reading, think of the kindly
encouragement or loving support a mother gives to her
child, and know that someone in your life is there for
you. This may not always be your mother; it could be
another female relative, friend or even associate who will
show her love and compassion when you most need it.

The Empress also represents creativity and art, so when she
appears in a reading she can also be a good omen for you to
encourage any creative or artistic talents you have as this
may lead to future material and financial abundance.

She is the smiling face of encouragement and the warm
embrace of comfort, so whatever you may be considering when
The Empress appears, take it that you will receive the
support and help you require.

If The Empress appears in a reading surrounded by negative
cards, it may be that a female in your life is behaving in
an overbearing manner and it is important that you do not
allow her to bully you.

The Empress is multi-dimensional. She can represent your
desires and needs as a woman, she can represent other women
in your life or she can simply represent birth and
creativity. So when the card appears in a reading, take the
surrounding cards into account and also try to understand
it in relation to the particular question you have asked.

Love and Joy,

>> i like the reading but i dont think i am ready to get pregnant... first of all i'm not yet married! haiz! haha! but i guess this card refers to how my own mom took care of me when i was at the hospital... thanks mom for always being there and taking care of me! love yah!

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