Friday, June 08, 2007

Best Summer Ever!!!!

this is probably the best summer ever.. i had lots of fun! super! i was actually able to go out on gimmicks, parties and hang out with my friends til the wee hours of the morning.. i was in bora during holy week and stayed there for another week for jagermeister.. when i got back in manila we went out a couple of times before going to subic for the globe thingy.. we stayed there for 3 days and we had super lots of fun,, there were no people so we just played and partied all night long,,, then when we came back from subic i still was able to go out several times again before i got really sick... i guess it was part of the entire adventure during summer... now i'm just waiting for our visa going to canada.. although last year had been rough for me.. this year turned out really great and i love it!!!

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