Monday, January 29, 2007

super happy!!!

i've been really busy doing lotsa stuff these pase weeks.. i'm just so happy that i was able to accomplish lots of stuff and still find time to dothe things that i love to do and spend time with my friends...

stuff that i have been doing for the past weeks:

1. spend time with nanay and tatay
2. hear mass
3. drive the rav4 (weee!)
4. buy make-up (replacement for the ones i lost)
5. eat my fav lasagna @ mom and tina's
6. go to araneta everyday for the Bb. activities
7. play basketball in timezone (w/ jong)
8. play basketball and other games in timezone with the gays
9. made new friends
10. meet up with shola! (miss her!)
11. keep tessi clean (haiz hirap!)

here are some of the pics i took...

w/ nep & nali
w/ the hairstylist
keanne me a& missy
w/ jaime
w/ jaime again! haha
missy, me & tats
kulit @ batcave
3 amigas
w/ harry the straight makeup artist
kulit again! haah!

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