Saturday, December 30, 2006

the Wheel of Fortune

Hi paui

What goes up must come down - we all know and understand
this, yet when we are down, feeling low or unhappy, it can
be so hard to believe life will ever get better!


Sometimes we experience good luck and good fortune
unexpectedly, and when we do, oh how joyful and exciting it
is! Getting a phone call out of the blue from the person
you’ve fancied for ages asking you out on a date, winning
some money, getting an unexpected promotion and pay rise at
work, friends and family throwing you a surprise party –
all these experiences or surprises make us feel on top of
the world.

Conversely, when you hear through a friend that your lover
is seeing someone else, your bank surprisingly turns down
your request for a loan, your boss unexpectedly announces
you’re going to be laid off or you lose a loved one – these
experiences and shocks can leave us emotionally devastated,
feeling as though the world is somehow against us.

The Wheel of Fortune represents such unexpected turns of
fate and fortune. Sometimes the wheel will turn in your
favor and bring unexpected good luck and fortune, sometimes
it will turn against you and you will experience bad luck
and misfortune. However, the wheel suggests that these
turns of fortune are beyond your control, they are part of
the eternal movement and cycle of life.

When the Wheel of Fortune appears in your readings you can
expect an unexpected change in your fortune … so if you
have been experiencing a run of bad luck or misfortune and
the Wheel of Fortune lays in your near future, then the
cards are suggesting that it won’t be long before fate will
come into play and your luck will start to change.
Conversely, in the situation where the Wheel of Fortune is
ahead and things have been going great for you up to now,
read it as a warning that something unexpected may throw a
spanner in the works and bring a challenging time.

The appearance of this card in answer to a question about
what you should do about something or someone, can suggest
that, whatever you do, fate will determine the outcome.
However, if surrounding cards are negative, it could be a
warning that making the wrong choice could backfire on you.

Life has its ups and downs, and understanding and accepting
this helps us to hold a more realistic view of life itself.
Remember that the wheel turns up, just as surely as it
turns down ... it’s just the eternal and constant rhythm and
cycle of life.

Love and Joy,

>>>> for the past weeks i've been experiencing "not-so-good" stuff in my life.. well i guess this might be a sign that somehow, things will be better... (i hope so..) i'm better now, better than i was 2 weeks ago... i just hope that things will get better and that soon ill be over... thanks to my friends who are always there for me, ready to rescue me whenever i feel like i'm drowning... i hope that this year will be better than last year(not that i'm saying last year was not good... in fact last year was one of the most wonderful years of my life...) ...i've learned lotsa stuff that i know i can use in order to be a better person...goodluck to me!

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