Wednesday, December 27, 2006

good ol' self!

this is probably the worst christmas of my entire life... ive been such a fool! well i just wanted to blog this because when i'm over everything, i want to read this particular blog and laugh at myself for being the most stupid person in this whole wide world!

ive been pretty much stupid a lot of times already but never in my life i felt this stupid! gawd! most of the times i rely on the goodness of other people, but boyyyyyyy you can never really judge a person by his cover! most of the goodness that you see in these people are just skin deep! oh well, what can i do? life is so full of bumps and black holes.

as much as i would want to regret everything that happened, i cant! somehow those experiences made me stronger and wiser (i guess).. i just dont want to fall into the same trap.. in a way, i am much wiser than before...than last year... yes, there is still some bitterness left inside me but pretty much dont want to dwell on that because i dont want to ruin the coming year. i dont want it to come to a bad start. i just want to live again... to be normal and to be happy.

here's the happy issue again... i dont want people to think that i'm not happy, i am actually! there's just certain aspects in my life right now that doesnt make me happy. but really, generally i am happy! i have lots of friends that are always there for me, i have dogs who will always be happy to see me, we have a house in boracay where i could always go to for refuge, relaxation and some pretty darn good time (hehehe...) , i have a nice job with a good salary, i travel a lot, i am SINGLE! and best of all god loves me! (i love you too!)

now..... i'm back to my good ol' self!

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