Wednesday, October 18, 2006


it has been done! yeah... i burned all of it (well except the plastics hehehe... i didnt want to contribute to the ozone depletion. ) the heat on my face felt so good... but something inside was a little bit sad, coz for 8 years i have kept those things in memory of our good times together...but what the heck those memories will always be in my heart and besides he's not the one i would like to grow old with anymore so why bother keeping those things right? yay! anyways, the entire afternoon i was just here at home fixing those stuff... i read a lot of letters and i cant help but cry... i am the biggest loser of all time... how could i be so blind?! so stupid!?! and so heartless... i have this collection of letters in a notebook... it was more of a mini book where raimond and i would write letters (actually there was three) i read all of it this afternoon and i cant help but cry... i remembered why i fell inlove with that guy i felt how much he loved me, i realized how stupid i was hurting him... but its all too late now... i can never ever bring all that back and its what hurts me the most........

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