Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Hi paui

This week I thought we'd look at one of my favorite cards.


The Magician marks a time for showing initiative and for
new beginnings and opportunities that show great promise
for the future.

When this card appears in your reading, it can indicate
possible opportunities. If you have the willpower and
determination to pursue your goals, you have every chance
of being successful.

The Magician is all about harnessing your own magic,
finding the charm and artful communication that can
persuade people and events round to your way of thinking.
You will need to think on your feet but with insight and
wisdom you can find a way to succeed.

For example, you may wish to charm a new suitor
romantically or convince a bank manager that your business
is worth backing, or even persuade your partner or lover
that marriage really is a good idea!

The cheeky and irresistible charm of The Magician can work
wonders, and sometimes having the ability to play the odd
bluff or to create an illusion to get a result isn’t always
a bad thing if it works out for everyone in the end.

If faced with tough challenges or obstacles, The Magician
is a good omen that your quick thinking and artful
communication skills will enable you to work around them
and stay ahead of any adversaries.

I always feel that The Magician has all the joyful and
youthful exuberance of The Fool but with the added benefit
of wisdom from experience. This card represents the early
stages or beginnings of an opportunity or phase of your
life so no result is definite. If, however, you can harness
the confidence and charm of The Magician, you are far more
likely to succeed.

The Magician may also represent a man in your readings if
you have asked a question about relationships, and in this
case, the card can be a little difficult to interpret
because of the illusionary, magical aspect to it.

The best rule of thumb is, if The Magician is surrounded by
positive cards, then this man could well be charming, fun,
great to be around, and very possibly quite eccentric!!

If, however, it is surrounded by negative cards, take care
as he may be a trickster or con man. This may refer to a
possible lover, business partner, work colleague etc. It
basically means be careful who you trust, as all may not
be as it seems.

The Magician is about the magic of possibility and how,
with creativity, enthusiasm and sheer willpower, we can
make things happen in our lives. With initiative and
careful insight you can harness your own magic and have the
wisdom to see through illusion.

Love and Joy,

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