Wednesday, September 13, 2006


They say that going back to someone or something from your
past isn’t normally a good idea, as though 'going back' is a
'step backwards'.

Although this may sometimes hold true, it certainly isn't
always the case.

Finding yourself in such a dilemma can cause a state of
impasse or limbo where you really don’t know what to do for
the best. This brings me to The Hanged Man card, a card
that normally indicates the need to make some kind of self-
sacrifice, or indicates a need for you to give someone or
something up.

We all know how very difficult this can be! ;- )

Contemplating how challenging such situations can be,
especially when it concerns affairs of the heart, inspired
me to write The Sign Post reading, which is now part of
the membership readings.

How do you know what or who you should give up? Are you
considering giving up the right person or the right thing?
Are you looking at your situation from the right
perspective? Perhaps all you need to ‘give up’ is a certain
attitude you have towards someone or something.

The Hanged Man doesn’t always mean giving up something
material or giving up a certain person. It can mean giving
up inappropriate or negative attitudes or emotions that are
creating a state of impasse for you.

If you feel confused, or fearful of making the wrong choice
or decision, because of mixed emotions or powerful and
addictive attractions, you can focus or meditate on Tarot
readings to help guide you to an intuitive answer.

When The Hanged Man appears you can be pretty sure he’s
saying ‘you’ve got to give something or someone up in order
to move on, or at the very least try and look at your
situation from a fresh perspective’.

In releasing ourselves from a situation that has become
stale, neutral or indeed negative, we can create a new
freedom. Limbo-land, or a state where you are lost without
direction, is not a great place to be.

So if you find yourself asking questions such as:

should I go back to someone in my life or let them go?
should I go back to an ex-lover or not?
should I stay in my job or leave to pursue greater goals?
should I end an affair?
should I leave my partner?
should I accept that my current business attempts are
failing and go back to a job?

you may find ‘The Sign Post’ and the ‘what should I let go
of’ readings helpful guides when you’re making a difficult
choice or trying to make the decision that is right for you.

Love and Joy,

well these cards does make sense... i am actually caught in a dilemma that i cant seem to resolve... after what happened the other day... me getting updated about the past was really ticking me off but then i am proud to say that i havent done anything to confirm what i have heard or assumed what was going on... i wasnt like that at all... usually i would check on things, people and stuff if they were true or not. although i had no way of making sure whether it was true, it calmed me in a way that i was assured of what was happening... but now that i have no way of checking on what was really happening, i start to just let it go... i know the possibilities of it happening since i heard it in my own ears... in a way i was successful in fighting back those feelings that shouldnt really be there in the first place... if i would let those feelings get the best of me i know i will just break down... and i dont want to be like that anymore... now i am looking forward to a great start... another phase in my life that i have yet to explore... and as i face dilemmas, i know that next time i will be more certain of the things that i will decide on..............

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