Thursday, August 10, 2006

the SUN!

As I was relaxing, enjoying the warm sun upon my face today
I thought about the joy, energy and vitality that sunshine

The same vitality, joy and energy can be found with your
inner sun, and knowing how to draw on this energy can help
you dispel your own dark clouds caused by mixed emotions
and confusion.

The Sun is one of my favorite Tarot cards as it is so
positive and joyful, and whenever it appears in my reading
it conjures up hope and joy in my heart.

The Sun suggests happiness through enjoying time with
family, friends and loved ones, or perhaps holidays and
celebrations - if you’re not enjoying yourself in such a
way, this card is suggesting you should!!

The Sun generally indicates good news concerning children,
and can herald the wonderful gift of the conception or
birth of a much wanted child, so if you are hoping for or
planning to start a family, look out for this card in your

It is a card of good health, joyful emotions and lust for
life – for me it represents the very essence of life at its

It is our ability to let our own inner sun shine that can
make such a difference; we are naturally drawn to people
who are happy and positive - those with a ‘sunny
disposition’. When you can transcend negative thoughts and
feelings, and instead think and feel more positively, it
creates a totally different energy.

You can use the Lotus Chakra members’ reading to help focus
on your inner sun Chakra.

Look out for when the sun comes up in your readings, and
when it does ask yourself

‘Am I being positive and enthusiastic about my life?’
‘Do people see me as happy and joyful?’

When you have days where you cannot see through the clouds
of confusion or your heart weighs heavy with dark emotions,
look inwards and focus on letting your inner sun shine, and
dispel those negative thoughts and emotions.

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