Wednesday, August 09, 2006

stressed out!

yeah... i am stressed out... but its good! i love it! it takes my mind off things that i shouldnt really think about... one thing that i dont like about this is the physical fatigue... i am soooooo tired! i had a very long day! phew~ i slept late last night because i had to do some papers that was due today... this morning i woke up at around 10am, i had a shoot at pat dy's studio in greenhills at 1pm for inquirer so i pretty much didnt get enough sleep...but anyways, i left the house early because i didnt want to be late for work (since this was the first time i was going to work with these people i wanted to make a good impression) so i got there at around 1pm... yey! i was just in time! the stylist was not there yet but benjiestarted with the makeup already while nathan was doing my hair... everything was kinda fast so we finished makeup by 2pm and started the shoot by 2:20! we had to shoow 5 layouts but it was cool... so we finished the entire shoot by 4! :D (YEY!) after that i had to hurry so i wont be late for my 6pm class... i really didnt have time to eat anymore...i went straight to class (businco)...we had a quiz but i was pretty confident because i was the one who reported about that quiz.... after that was my finamgt class.... before going home i was able to squeeze in a cocktail event at embassy... don invited me to attend the absolut raspberri launch. they had "free drinks" so i decided to pass by and have a taste of the absolut raspberri! :D its was and open bar event so i had access to unlimited drinks until 12mn. i got really tipsy so i decided to go home and work on my report in religion which is about sexual harassment... i am running out of ideas so i decided to write on my blog first ;) now that i am done i will go back to finishing my religion report.... nytnyt!

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