Sunday, August 27, 2006

sometimes you have to make your own rainbows

when you see old pictures you cant help but smile while reminiscing about the past... when you read old letters you laugh because you realize how silly you were back then. although you like keeping them in a box and looking at them once in a while but you know that you have to throw most of them away, for sometimes they only mean more pain... you belive that life is unfair, when you are doing great on one part of your life, the other parts come crashing down. happiness only lasts for a day and the day after but the next thing you'll know problems will seep back in. there is always a struggle for your freedom but once you are free you miss being tied up. when its too hot you wish for some clouds to cover the sun and when it gets really cloudy you pray that it doesnt rain... but most of the time it pours..... really hard. sometimes youreally have to make your own rainbows because you really cannot control anything but your own life, there is no one who will always be there... in fact there is no one but you. no one will ever make things better, for they will only make things worse.

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