Saturday, August 12, 2006

shots that i took today...

i missed eating at wendy's! while waiting for my designer the lolas and i decided to go to wendy's for a while to eat (we were so freakin' hungry!) we had different orders... chen ordered chili rice, eve got a burger meal and ivy got somthing else while i got baked potato bacon and cheesE! wee! its was sooooo good! i also got a frostee for desert! :D we noticed that the serving was not as big as before and the prices increased! well that's life...everything goes up....

mohan.... my pamangkin! he was fast asleep when my cuz arrived in iloveyou store. so my cuz asked me to watch him for a while because she had to meet with the designers. he was so cute! we were tickling him but he was still asleep hehehe....they went to national museum with the kids from margaux's class so i bet he got really tired from playnig with the kids ;)

this morning when i woke up i felt so energized so i decided to take a picture of myself (it was already class wat at 9am and i woke up at around 8!and i still had time to take some pics! VAIN!)

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