Saturday, August 05, 2006

my new toy......

yeah... i am sad... so i need a new toy! actually i really didnt plan for this one it just so happened that i wanted a moto RAZR but then it wouldnt really fit my budget so i told myself that i will just get myself a RAZR if i have extra money...but then this one came and i just couldnt resist it! it was really cute and i wanted one too so i just closed my eyes and bought it right away... well so far i am enjoying it! :D

today has been a really busy day, i had to start my day early because i had a 9am class but i woke up late so i got to school at around 9:20... good thing the teacher was also verrry late and she got there at around 10am... we were supposed to have an exam but she cancelled it so we just discussed some more stuff from the book and had recitations. during lunch break, i went to max to play... monsters game and tech warriors...i went back to school before 1 for my next class... i was supposed to attend a fitting for this show but i had to go home first to take a nap (coz i was really really really tired!) i woke up late already after that so i didnt bother to follow....
now i am awake and i guess i would pretty much stay awake til around midnight... i like what is happening to me... i like it so much when i get busy... i forget things (in a good way tho...) maybe i will keep it this way.... its tiring but it is surely fun!

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