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Fear of failure is one of the most common reasons most
people are not getting what they want in life... if you're
afraid of failing, most likely you're not going to give it
your best shot, that's if you give it a shot at all!

There are many ways to overcome this fear, and although
that's not really the scope of this email, I'll give you at
least one way right now...

You need to change the way you think!

Sounds simple, but how do you do that?

Well, if you want to do it the easy way, then why not learn
from one of the best teachers in the world in this field,
Mike Mograbi.

Mike's course: 'Program Your Mind for Success in Record
Time!' is the simplest, easiest to follow, most effective
course we've seen yet.

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I've done a lot of international traveling on my own recently.
It wasn’t an easy decision to make, to go off traveling on
my own, but as The Emperor kept appearing in my readings, I
knew I could make a success of it.

So to continue our look at the Major Arcana, I thought I’d
share some details about this very strong and dynamic card
with you, and how to better interpret his appearance in
your readings.

The Emperor can represent a man of significance in your
life, such as a husband or lover, or perhaps a father or
close friend. In a positive sense, the card signifies that
this man will stand by you and give you the support you

The Emperor represents a powerful ally, someone who can
influence people and events in their own favor, and is
often a man of authority or position such as a boss, or
professional advisor.

If the Emperor appears amidst more negative cards however,
it may be a warning that a certain man is being too bossy
or domineering towards you, or perhaps you are the one
exhibiting these ‘qualities’ towards another.

Taking note of the cards that surround The Emperor in your
readings can help you understand whether the man it could
be representing is a positive or negative influence on your

Alternatively, The Emperor’s appearance in your readings
may suggest that it is time for you to harness this
somewhat ‘masculine’ power within yourself and express your
own authority.

If you are faced with a key choice or decision and The
Emperor appears, it’s probably time for you to find the
courage and confidence required to influence people and
events in your favor and ensure your success.

The Emperor is often associated with Aries, which is a
strong and assertive astrological fire sign.

So look out for this powerful ally in your readings, and
allow yourself to show your strength and assertiveness when
it’s needed.

Love and Joy,

P.S. Don't forget to take a look at Mike's course:
'Program Your Mind for Success in Record Time!'
It really is the simplest, easiest to follow,
most effective course we've seen yet.

Use this link:

haven't checked out the link yet...but i dont think i have to anymore. i used to be afraid to make choices, take chances and do stuff... now i am not really that super strong but i can handle stuff on my own and i think thats good for me

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