Friday, August 04, 2006


what are dreams all about? some say that dreams fortell the future, some say that it came from the past and others would say that dreams just came from our subconscious mind.... i guess its just a pigment of our colorful imagination... but then when you really think of what you have dreamed about you cant help but really think about it. (well i think its ok to think.... just avoid dwelling on it) oh well, i had a really disturbing dream... it was the exact situation that i was scared of, and i asked the person involved and the person said that it was possible... so there... it was painful (really!)... now i am more confused than the past weeks... what happened? what was it? i dont know if it was real or just another part of my assumptions. i keep on thinking about what had transpired last week... i kept telling myself to just stop hoping... because hoping only hurts me more... i know i am not used to this kind of stuff this is actually a FIRST! and its really hard... i've been talking to a lot of people and i've been getting different answers... its soooo confusing... maybe for the meantime i will just focus on my school stuff its almost over... soon i will be happier! i know.... i will!

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