Saturday, August 26, 2006

busted chargers, long papers, unanswered calls and over fatigue

yeah... i've been really really busy... i actually like it but then my body cant seem to cope up with the hectic schedule that i've been following all week. i studied for my exams, i was invited to be a judge for "circle of 10" contest (which by the way lasted for 4 hours! tsk tsk tsk...) had to pick up stuff, run some errands for my mom and body seems to be giving up, i feel so weak, my runny nose still continues on running (lolz) and i am getting thinner and thinner... physically i'm still okay, mentally.... i dont know! i have this big big problem, i tend to overload on information that sometimes i cannot handle... so i just end u thinking about it... but in the end nothing changed, i try my best to absorb other people's advice but i end up taking the wrong advice... i know i should rely on my own decisions (well i do most of the time) but since i have lots of things in my mind i just close my eyes and follow what others would say. sometimes it helps but there are times that things get worse.... after all this mess i want to go to the beach to unwind, clear my mind off things that i shouldnt be thinking about and stop thinking about those people who i should be forgetting... the more i try to at least make up for my own mistakes all the more it gets worst... i dont want to just go on without really resolving the past but as i try to solve the riddles i get more and more caught up in the maze. its almost over... i'm crossing the river... i'm in the "real" world now... i hope that things will be better, but if its not then i am aready to draw my sword and charge to battle....

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