Thursday, August 03, 2006

the break up

a really nice movie... vince vaughn was hilarious! (even i would fall for him... lolz) the break up was not just any ordinary comedy, it was about the real thing.... simple arguments could turn into big problems and eventually breaking up... i like how the movie ended... it was realistic...

in this movie, vince was hopeless... he loved jen but then he really didnt make any effort to show her how much he loved her. i can relate to his character because in the previous relationships that i had, i was spoiled and i would always find a way to push for what i wanted... not taking into consideration what my other half would want... you start to realize things when the person you love the most is already gone... and that was the point when vince realized that he could have done things to avoid the breakup. same with me, now i am reminiscing about the past and how cruel i have been... i know i could have done things differently but the damage has been done... its not too late to change... and so far i am succeeding in correcting my flaws... soon things will be better... i hope

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