Monday, August 21, 2006


we played bingo at my neighbor's wake the other night. there were lots of people playing different games... cards, bingo, "sungka" and other stuff. my mom would always go there everynight and play, Aling Vicky (the deceased) didnt have any relatives so the neighbors alternately stayed there to accompany the husband of the deceased. his name is Mang Tobing, he also didnt have any contacts with his relatives... last night i just passed by there to watch but i didnt stay long because people were finished playing bingo and it was raining hard.... the next morning, my mom told me that mang tobing was standing there beside the casket staring at his wife... one of thier close neighbors joked around and said "Mang tobing miss mo na agad si aling vicky ah...." he just smiled and went inside... then after a while my mom said that they heard him cry. my mom said that he must miss her so much.. they've been together for more than 40 years already and they have never been apart... its good that there are still people who visits him at night because of the wake... but what will happen after aling vicky has already been buried? mang tobing will be alone... i'm sure that wil be a lot harder than being left by someone... i really wish that i may find my own "mang tobing" who will love and respect me as his own "aling vicky"...

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