Tuesday, August 08, 2006


its been a long time since i last had the time to sit down, relax and drink beer. i miss drinking beer! not that i am addicted to drinking but it just relaxes me and helps ward off stress... yeah i had a great massage last sunday but today was sooooooo tiring! i had to wakeup early to finish my video presentation for our business meeting in businco, i had to write the main points that i should give out to my groupmates so they wont get lost within the presentation... finamgt was also toxic coz the teacher already handed out the last quiz that we had and voila! i failed! :( i got really annoyed that my classmates who cheated passed the exam! i forgot the formula! haizzzzz....well soon ill be able to drink again... maybe after graduation i'll go to boracay to rest and relax....before applying for a job and facing the battle of "real life"

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