Monday, July 24, 2006


advil pls? as if it could ease the pain that i am feeling that i am feeling right now... this is how it feels... tsk... if i only knew...i wouldnt have done things the way i did it... but what the heck... its too late (is it?) i dont know... can i still save it? i dont know too but i really hope so...its just that sometimes when i try to make-up for the bad/sad things that i have done before... this person doesnt take it that way, he plainly thinks that i'm just being paranoid so he tries to keep me away from him ( haiz...yeah... even if you think that this particular person still loves you) everything starts to turn grey and eventually goes blank (and the spark totally gone too... i think) sarcasm... thats what i hate the most but what can i do? i committed (lots of) mistakes in the past and i have to deal with the sarcasm that is being thrown at me ... ohhh dang... that's life! i have no choice but to face it and learn to live with it....


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