Wednesday, July 05, 2006

my kind of sexy.......

another test i took......

Paulette, you're Chic 'n' Sexy

Armani, Prada, Diesel, Sean John — they've got nothing on you. Wherever you go, trends follow — that's just the way it is. Your style precludes anything else you do, and that's what sets you apart from the crowd. You're a chameleon of sorts when it comes to sexy — able to change your shade to match the right mood, event, or setting. Careful, don't hurt yourself on that cutting edge. You're so fashion forward that you can hang with the sharpest people around. But you know what they say, you can take a fashionista to 5th Avenue, but you can't make them look as good as you.

Your style doesn't have to say "I'm hip, I'm now," because it's so obviously the case. You are so sexy your shadow sets trends. You aren't just a mover and shaker, your vibe sets the tone for how people move and shake.

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