Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lady in the Water

i watched this movie yersterday with yako @ festival mall... he watched this already but agreed to watch this once more since i really really wanted to watch a movie (after 48 years) .... our 3pm movie was moved to 4:50 and finally to 6:50 lolz.... we went karting before the movie... i felt like a kid again ( well not only me..heehee) .... we were not supposed to bump each others car but where's the fun in that ? heeeheee... so i kept on bumping yako's kart! it was so fun! (at least for the moment i was really happy) ..... anywayz, the movie was nice... in fact it was good ( for me and for yako...coz there was this old classmate who told me not to watch lady in the water ... this were his exact words " wag mo na yon panoorin! pangit! hindi nakakatakot!) actually it was not supposed to be scary, it was some sort of a betime story afterall... so anyways just like other shymalans movies you should expect something different in the end.... i like the way the story was told only that the ending was a bit "bitin".... we finished off the night by drinking tea @ sbucks in bf before going straight home....


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