Friday, July 21, 2006


when can you really say that you are genuinely happy? is it when you are happy the entire day but at the end of the night you still feel empty?...does that qualify you as a happy person? i know i am supposed to be really really really happy... but then there is something that...ummm....errrr prevents me from feeling (as in feeling!!!!) this happiness that is supposed to make me feel real good...(would that be okay?) i cannot just give up just because i am not happy (at one point or another) i have to go...keep on moving...keep on hoping and praying that this is the kind of happiness that i really really really want! i know i am not making any sense...but whenever i think of it... its just simple!... plain simple............................ argggggggh!

there are times when i feel soooooo aloooone (this is one of those times) .... eventhough my mom is inside her room sleeping, my cousins in the other rooms snoring and our very very irresponsible maid in her room TEXTING! at 2:20 in the morning! haiz.... back to the topic... yeah i feel so alone... i dont know why.... ive been an only child all my life (so i guess i really was pretty much alone most of my childhood years) .... so why am i having this problem now? (now that i have lots of great friends, classmates, co models, gaymates, online buddies and puppies!) specially at this time of the night...when it is so cold...and quiet and oh so scary... i cant really say that i am not used to this feeling but this is not the usual feeling that i feel whenever i am alone (at the morning i have lots of things to do that i prefer being alone..hehe labo!) well maybe i'm not really alone, maybe there are people out there who feel exactly the same way i do... oh well, i hope people dont feel like this... this is a terrible terrible feeling... as much as i would want to talk to somebody who feels the same, i'd rather be alone than know that someone is as miserable as i am... goodnight philippines.... gudnyt!


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