Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Once in a lifetime comes a love,
So sweet, so pure, so rare.
A flashing, brilliant, blinding light,
Like a comet through the air.

A love without rhyme or reason,
That knew no space or time;
Wrapped itself around my soul,
And captured this heart of mine.

i got this from kuya bong.... he has nice words to say about love... he's already married to ate mayet and they already have four lovely kids... he told me about thier love story... its was really nice... they married in their mid 20's and now thier kids are grown up... he said that his kids relieves his stress and makes him really happy... its good coz they all look so good together... although sometimes of course there are some problems crossing thier paths (as ate mayet was telling me...) they try thier best to settle those differences and fiz the problem... i would want something like this when i settle down....

whenever i hear stories like this, it makes me wonder what it feels like toget married and have children and a family of my own... i love kids so definitely i'll enjoy having one... it just that i dont have the right man yet... as of now (even if i wanted to settle down) i know i can't! i am not financially ready, i dont have a permanent job (as of the moment) my job can only support me and my puppies so i am really not capable of providing for my kids... i am also not emotionally ready... i still have lotsa things to accomplish, places to go to and responsibilities to shoulder... in a way i am not spiritually ready because marriage is something that i dont want to just try on.. i want it to last forever... i am scared to make mistakes and i wouldnt want to make a mistake with the one who i am going to marry... finally, i dont have that special someone to marry! (toinks! here i am raving about marriage and i dont have a groom in my wedding lol) well i have someone... but then is he really the one? does he even want to marry me? its hard because i dont know if this person would want to spend his lifetime with me (as i would want to with him) well before there was this one person that got away... (well not really, i was actually the one who let him get away >> yan kasi! haiz...) i think he's happy now (with his current gf) and i am happy for him... he's better off with somebody else because during the 1st quarter of our lives i have caused him so much pain (that even if it happened to me i guess i wouldnt be able to take it) actually i caused so many people so much pain... (i'm really really sorry... i didnt mean to...) i dont want to cause any more trouble...i just want to be happy........ thats all.....

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Anonymous said...

I like it! Good job. Go on.

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