Thursday, June 01, 2006


its already halfway through the year.... for the past 6 months ive been really busy (and i like it!) i got two dogs, cooper and cadillac... i was able to go to bora (several times)...i finished 2 books: deception pont and digital fortress (both by dan brown).... i attended my aunt's wedding in romblon (by the way she used to be a dyke :D).... i was able to attend the fiesta in Sta. Fe, Romblon (my mom's province! plus my cousin amyrose was the queen of the parish)....once again i was included in Philippine Fashion Week (so kakapagod!)....worked for globe in bora (last holy week, work and play! :D) .... finished my THESIS! (thank you lord!!!!).... started my last term (hulazei at last!) .... spent some quality time with my parents (i luv them!)....had a massage (in bora! awww! sooo good!).... i also was able to have my haircolor refreshed (had it trimmed na rin) ....i was able to do lotsa lotsa lotsa photo shoots ( dami na naman pang friendster..hehe) .....i was able to save money (akalain mo yon?!)..... i almost became alcoholic (almost!) .....i became the magic sing videoke champion (sa house lang heheeh) ..... i worked as a judge in several contests (in up diliman and in pque)..... i panelled a thesis defense (in san lorenzo in mindanao ave, oooooooh so layo!) .....i got very skilled in playing tong-its (araw arawin ba naman eh!) ....i cleaned up my closet (to make space for new stuff! hehe!) ..... i got my old stuff and threw away things that was suposed to be thrown away (yung may sentimental value shempre tinago ko pa rin!) ....i was able to cook for dinner (dito lang sa house) ....i was able to practice my photography in bora and in romblon ( picture picture!) .....i was able to do stuff that i didnt have time to do... to sum it all up.. the first half of the year for me was GREAT!
i'm am really happy that i was able to accomplish lotsa stuff in the first half of the year. i hope more things will come for the second half. i'm going to graduate this term (hindi pwedeng hindi!) by mid october we will be going to canada to visit my aunt, hopefully i could travel around asia and maybe stay in singapore or taiwan to work as a model. (try lang for a short while) i need to complete my portfolio and fix eveything in school so i can start working. if things go well with thierry, then ill be starting my own company (go thierry!) i would also want to save so i can help my parents with the renovation of our house here in manila (super bulok na to grabe lang!) for now, i just have to force myself into attending all my classes, i wont be accepting modeling jobs for a while so i can focus on what i have to do. i want to be in the dean's list before i leave csb...hehe! ive been so engrossed with other stuff that i dont get to go to church regularly, but i never forget to talk to him and to thank him for all the blessings that ive been blessed with. he knows how i love him and i offer everything to him... love you lord! muah!

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