Sunday, June 18, 2006

Goodbye Lola.....

when somebody dies we say that it's okay, they will be joining god in the heavens... but when somebody close to us dies, we feel the pain and the sorrow of losing somenody special. its not that we dont want them to be with the lord god again, its just that we long for thier company... we lose someone who has probably been our shoulder to cry on, our confidante and the one who gives us strength when we are weak. we have to let go and let them sit in the hands of the lord.........

as my teacher have told me, we only have four scores in this life... 4 sets of 20 years. its good if we are able to max out lifespan here on earth but if we die within our 4th quarter then its much better. i'm already 25, that means i am already in my 2nd quarter of my life... i still have 2 more quarters left and there are still lots of things to accomplish. i know i am already late, i am always late... its ok.... i want to make the most out of my lifetime.... i may never know if i'm even going to reach the 4th quarter or not... at least in my first quarter, i have endured lots of pain and experiences that i will be able to use in the future battles of life....

thank you lola for the good memories and for accepting me and treating me like your own... i will miss you... our open conversations.... your kakulitan.... and your bubbly personality.... i will also miss the moments when we talked about serious stuff... about your apo and how you took care of him when he was still a baby... and how you make me laugh with your stories... even though we've been together for only a short time, ive considered you to be one of my favorite lola. till then lola.... goodbye....

i got this poem in another site It's Time....

It's Time

Every person is born, with a clock inside their soul
And God will wind that clock, until the bell will toll
They say that God will work, in ways we do not see
And until our final hour we will never see

We will not see the light, nor the treasures we will hold
Until we are that sheep that comes to their Fathers fold
We will not see the ones, that came into HIS care
Until that final hour, when Our Father calls us there

One day our greatest hour, will also come to be
And when that hour comes, we will walk with THEE
In Heaven we will walk, and be at our Father's side
Never to feel any pain, or any selfish pride

Life is just a gift that lasts a little while
So that we may share love and offer others a little smile
That love that you gave us, will forever be in our hearts
And that smile which you gave our life, will forever be a part


cantseefade said...

Sorry for your loss. All we can do is keep on keeping on.

Paulette said...

thanks cantsee fade! :)

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