Sunday, March 19, 2006

really bad

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hihihih....i found this in one of the sites where you can choose phrases or words with glitter...i just found it to be funny... well, i guess i was just trying to find something that would make me smile... and everyday i see things that touch my heart and make me feel that i am indeed lucky to be like this... i know people have thier own problems, i guess my problem is myself so i dont really need to look for it in other places. accepting that the major problem is me, elevates my emotional strength in a higher level. being emotionally strong is not really one of my main focus in life, but as i encounter problems i feel that i should develop my emotional strength so that when time comes i will be able to handle problems more difficult than what i am experiencing right now...things that i am experiencing right now sum up my whole a way i am thankful that after this experiences i am still continuing to live my life to the most ... :)

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