Wednesday, March 22, 2006


i am so amazed on how fast time flies by.. i went to the vet with Cooper for his third shot..too bad the vet wasnt there so i just took him home and combed his hair...i remembered the first time i saw him,, i fell in love with him right away! and now he's so big and so full of energy! the other day, i went to market market to get some stuff... and i saw this really really cute jersey.. so i got one for him. i think he liked it! i am really glad that i have him with me.. he takes all my sadness away... soon i'm going to get another puppy, this time a girl so cooper would have a
playmate hahaha! oh well... here he is!

cooper's first day at home...

he's getting bigger and cuddlier...

a big boy with a green ribbon...

this is the reason why he keeps getting fat...

with me...




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