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OVERVIEW: In matters of the heart, you've always preferred the chase to the
capture. In fact, hard as it might be to believe, once the courtship dance
is over -- especially if it doesn't last long enough or prove interesting
enough -- you've actually been known to lose interest entirely. You won't
have that problem this year though. From early January through early March,
someone who absolutely demands your respect will attract a healthy portion
of your attention. Suddenly, you'll be willing to suspend all rules, clean
up your act and go out of your way to prove how honorable your intentions
are -- just to ensure that you end up with the pleasure of their long-term

>>>>> yeah so true... i'm not really into horoscopes... actually i dont believe in what these things say... but now i'm just so desperate... i think im going crazy... sometimes when i read my horoscope, i cant help but wonder how these things can be quite inrtiguing... its almost as if its really happening... oh well, here goes... i guess i can relate to the first line... the first thing that it happened to me, i really lost focus and i wanted to breakdown,,, but then i realized that i really didnt want him, i loved somebody else... so why bother running after him when i can just pour all my love to the person i really wanted to be with. but then something came up which caused another problem. this time i really hated myself.. not just for acting really bad but because i allowed something that is not really meant to be... and in the course of my actions i crushed so many hearts including my own... now i'm trying to pick myself up... fix everything that i need to fix and start living on my own... for how many years i havent been able to stand on my two feet.. theres always somebody who helps me up... i'm excited and scared at the same time but i want to do this... i want to be me... so that in the future when i decide to settle down... i will have the strength to take care of my own family...

Love won't be your only focus this year, however. You may need to make a
major decision regarding your job, thanks to two eclipses, classic
harbingers of change. The first, in mid-March, will get the show on the
road and probably make you restless enough to start looking for other
options. By the time the second eclipse arrives in late September, you'll
be more than ready to clear out your desk. Giving two weeks notice may not
be first and foremost on your mind, especially if a better offer is already
waiting impatiently in the wings. Just be sure your next step is set in
stone before you burn any bridges.

>>>> as early as now, i'm facing different situations where i have to decide... sometimes i get so weak and i just want to give up... but i know i cant do that... i still have alots of things to accomplish and i want to make my loved ones happy. i need to make myself happy also coz if this feeling continues as is, i'm afraid i will have to so soon... i might not be able to take it anymore... all the frustrations, lonliness and the pain that continues to grow inside me...

Burning bridges will come easily to you by December, however, and you won't
have to worry about any repercussions either. By New Year's Day 2007,
you'll be amazed at how many great big changes you've made, possibly even
including a long-distance move. Regardless of where you end up -- or with
whom -- rest assured that this will be a year to remember and that
everything will be just fine in the end. So don't worry if things aren't
completely fine right now. All that means is that you're not at the end of
this process just yet. Relax and do what feels right. You're reinventing
yourself, and if you're smart, you'll allow yourself to enjoy the journey
-- and to take your sweet time.

>>> i just hope that i will be able to get through this journey alive... with this sadness that im feeling ill never know if i can still continue... if i can still hold on...

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Li Ann said...

you're aries too! our birthdays are coming soon! why dont you come to singapore after your studies?

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