Sunday, March 12, 2006

dying inside...

what a day! i'm soo sooo tired...i took my mom to baclaran and helped her buy lotsa stuff for bora... then we went to uniwide and to sm to buy some more stuff... even though i had a really really busy day, i still cant get it out of my mind... grrr! i hate this! i'd rather be swimming across the bermuda triangle than friggin feelin like this! haiz to the max! well i just cant get over this thingy... i dont know... but i'm really really depressed! sniff sniff...well its my fault, i really cant do anything much now... i guess i just have to focus on finishing my studies so i can leave this country and live somewhere else where i really belong... i cant stay here in the philippines, unles.... nah! tsk... ive been drinking for the past few days, still the horse can't relieve the pain...argh! i want to break free!! i even went to visit my mamah's bf in uplb and went swimming in the hot springs hoping that the warm relaxing water would help me get my mind off him... even getting a 98 in our magic sing didnt even help... tsk... i want to end this... i want to stop... i want to sleep... goodnight and goodbye.

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