Saturday, March 18, 2006


i am always the bride...but when can i really be "THE BRIDE"? i dont know when, i dont even know if i'll be able to get married soon...the way things are going on with my life i dont think i'll get settled down soon... i'm not in a hurry, its just that it would be really lovely to be able to walk down the aisle ( i know i'm good at this since i have worn lotsa bridal gowns already...but ofcourse the church aisle is different than the ramp that im used to..hehe) but anyways, yeah it would be such a wonderful thing to be able to spend your life with somebody...have your own kids and be a mom.... awwww! haiz... oh well, i got this picture this afternoon and i was so excited to write about it... i even surfed jewelry to go with it...haiz... as if! oh well, i guess i'd have to wait a long long time for my prince charming to come and rescue me from this cruel world...

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