Friday, September 09, 2005

watta day!

i woke up early this morning because of my mom...she sked me to do lots and lots of stuff...i was still sleepy that time so i just listened for a while and then i went back to sleep. i woke up again because somebody was calling me...this guy called for an international ad...he was asking for my rate...i was still groggy when i was speaking to the guy so i just gave him some figures and dozed off again. i woke up for the third time, i was stretching around feeling the sofe covers of bed when i noticed that it was already 11am! so i took a bath and changed my clothes because i had to take my car to shell sucat to have the oil changed and tuned up. after 48 years i arrived in shell... there were lotsa people so i had to wait for an hour or so before my car was attended to. it was okay though coz i just stayed in their lounge, i brought my own book because i knew that there would be waiting period. at around 2pm kuya tony arrived and checked what was going on in my car..the mechanics were already changing the oil and checking other stuff in the car. we went to sm for a while to eat lunch (because it was already 2 in the after noon and i didnt have any breakfast, so i was freakin hungry!) after that i went back home to rest...i surfed for a while and changed clothes because i had to pass by school to give my professor the late late papers :D (imagine its already the start of the 2nd term and i am still passing the 1st term papers :D heeeheeeheee) so anyways, my mom wanted to come with me to school since passing the papers wont take me a long time. whe just waited inside the car while i went to the classroom and talked to the teacher. she was venturing into the world of modeling so i was kind of helping her get acquainted with lots of stuff. after several minutes, the conversation ended and i went back to my mom. i called up my cuz to check if she was home coz my mom wanted to see her newborn son. she was in macapagal with her dad and sister so i went there with my mom and had dinner with them...there were endless stories and we wanted to talk some more but the baby got hungry and my cousin was breastfeeding her baby so they had to leave early so me and my mom went we were cruisin on macapagal highway, there was this patrol who was driving dangerously close to our mom and i heard a loud screeching sound and we were so shocked to see the car going wild on the road before eventually hitting the gutter and smashing on mom got so nervous that she started talking about going home late...then we started formulating ideas on what had probably happened inside that car... we talked about that until we finally reached home...whew what a day!

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