Wednesday, September 07, 2005


today is my official first day funk! i was late for my first class coz i woke up late and i was forced to eat breakfast. i'm not really used to eating breakfast tho..but my mom is here in manila so i had no choice but to follow her every wish :D (good shot!) so i attended my 2nd class which was bussfin...i had two friends who were on the same class so i sat beside them, after that my second class was accmana (which was also an accounting subject) was also okay. after my classes i went to the CA faculty to talk to the teachers and wait for yako...he had a class that time so i had to sit in his class, but i just surfed the net and listened to his lecture. when his class finished i talked to him some more then i went to saga to get my cheque and talk to some of the people, ask for the manila fashion fest pics and then talk some more. after that i went to the bank which took me about an hour or so because there were lots and lots of people there! whew! what a day! :D at least i was able to accomplish lots of stuff!

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