Tuesday, September 06, 2005

first day funk.....

first day of classes..... yes! i'm still studying! grabe lang talaga i've been studying for like 48 years na...pero i'm almost done...almost there....konting tiis nalang and now talagang "PAPASOK NA TALAGA AKO! PROMISE!" hehehe....naku gasgas na line na yan, as my friends would say. papasok ako consistently for a week or so then three weeks mawawala sa cirkulasyon...like what happened here sa blogging ko. pero now i really need to focus na...ito na toh! todo lang!

now i am addicted to this kind of game GOPETS! ang cutie!
click on that link lang to join :D

parang friendster na meron tamagochi! hehe! wala lang !

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