Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Faint Heart

The idea shall never die - the poet and the muse,
No voice without a reply, or motion to refuse,
In the sweet blue sky, pierce the beauty and the
For truth does not ask why, we do as we must!

Find us young, and keep us so,
The lady that sung, took my heart below,
I heard her singing, before the dawn of day,
But now she is yearning, for a soul far away!

The hymn does ring, a guardian of the aisles,
Her voice shall bring, sweet pensive smiles,
No love too small, nor passion to yield,
Her lips satisfy all, on this gentle field!

The shadow of surmise, in the highest deceit,
Shall be our surprise, when our hearts do meet,
Our hunger shall not cease, when reliving the past,
We are at peace, when together at last!

***somebody from friendster made this poem and sent it to me...its nice isnt it? :)

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