Sunday, June 12, 2005

Your Path
There is a time inside of infinity reserved for you and I. It's across the street from Bliss and right next to Infatuation. It's buried in comprehension and orchids bloom from the soil. This place we share where clouds get in our eyes is below Heaven, but we can still feel the warmth from Hell. The view is impeccable. Full of blues, grays, and red as deep as blood. I will meet you there when our time is right. I will hold you close as we spin time in our direction. They will write stories about us as we write ours along side of them.

I am in love with the thought of you multiplied by the passion of us. Turned inside out by wonder my mind has been reset to the beat of your heart. I know that I will trip so many times on the path to you. I know that there is quick sand, mountains, and lightening that I will do my best to avoid. Never mind all of it love, it is the one path that I will never lose my way on. It is the road to you that allows my eyes to see. It is the vision of possibility that I refuse to let go of. Together, there, forever will be ours to determine.


i saw this on another blog. it was so nice so i decided to post it here....

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