Saturday, June 11, 2005


With my entire heart and all that I am I would have loved you. Loved you unto the end of time and then over and over again. I know you felt it. I know that you where just as afraid as I was to fall, but sometimes falling is what we have to do to stand up again. There wasn't a dream that I wouldn't have helped you accomplish. There wouldn't have been a moment where I wasn't right by your side. Each day allowed me to see you differently, every moment allowed me to love you more. Loving you helped me love myself. Letting go of you has only left me lost.There will come a day when we will see clearly what it was we could have had. There will be moments when we will look back and wish that we had tried harder. It seems that sometimes love is meant to slip through our fingers without notice. Had we found out what it would have felt like completely I know that neither of us would have ever been able to let go. I love you. Three simple words that may never mean enough. It's so hard when you realize that there aren't enough falling stars or pennies in a well. So hard when you realize that the moment that could have been something great is a moment that is no longer yours.

>>>>>>>>> how could anyone describe it better? people have felt the same way but never have i found anything that would best describe that certain feeilng.

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