Sunday, June 19, 2005

been beezy.....

i have been busy this past week....

1. studying for my regular dose of quizzes (oi studying daw oh?)
2. working as a "beautiful website developer" hahaha!!! (whateverrrr! ano bah!)
3. helping my cuzins with thier respective assignments(amp! anu bah? di mo pa rin getz? grrr... heheeh!)
4. bonding with my dad (tara shopping tayo! :D)
5. trying to fix my own site....( hanggang ngayon template pa rin)
6. looking for other opportunities... (aside from just being a model and a web developer)
7. desperately trying to revise my thesis
8. watching movies ( lahat ata napanood ko na....)
9. attending EB's heheh!!! EB's and GT's
ad still finding time to drink beer!

hayyyzzz..... that's why i feel so tired.... i done even get to hear mass anymore...( bad bad bad... di bale...this wed i will go to baclaran for the novena....) oh well next week i'll try to sleep more than 5 hours a night. i need some relaxation and rest so bad! haiyz!

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