Wednesday, May 25, 2005


i dont know the real exact reason why i'm so depressed.....i need to cry......i need someone to take care of hug me and comfort me......there are several reasons why i should feel like this and i know i deserve to feel like this! *sigh......i dont really dwell on this kind of feelings but now i am so so so down. good thing i have work that keeps me really busy and school that takes my mind off stupid things. i just finished talking to my best friend and he too was depressed...i told him to come to our house so we could cry together...but he said that one of us have to be i decided to be the stronger one....(hehe)...but still i am sad....very very sad....

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cantseefade said...

I just found your blog. It is strange that people with so much going for them can feel depressed at times, but I feel that way myself. Always look at all the great things you possess: family, brains, looks, friends, health. You have much to be thankful for so dry your eye and live for yourself. Just thought I would try to cheer up a pretty girl. Best wishes.

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