Monday, May 09, 2005

Road Trip from BORACAY!!!

5:00 a.m. - time to wake up! but VJ and Neppy just got home....(from a booking! hahah!) i went to bed early so i didnt really have a hard time getting up and fixing my stuff.

5:30 - we had our always the dining table was packed...hehe...everybody was in a hurry coz my mom was hulazeing all of us....(hulasssss!) we tried to leave as soon as possible so we can get in the 8:30 trip of starlite (roro!)

6:00 - after the long tricycle trip to station 3, we got tickets and boarded the boat going to caticlan.

6:15 - as soon as we got there i hurried to get tickets..i was so scared that we might not be able to get in the first trip...but whew! good thing there were still lots of slots available... :)

6:30 - we stayed in the lounge while waiting for the boat to be unloaded. the silhouette queen went borlog beside panic room...i posotioned myself on the bench with my head on damot/silhouette king's lap while mr. heartbroken was checking out the pics. we talked about what happened to damot king's escapade.

8:00 - time to board the boat....we were lucky enough to get a good spot on the boat where we could sleep. there were mattresses so we positioned ourselves on the floor and talked once more. of course the silhouette queen, because of his nightly escapades, wasnt able to get enough sleep so he decided to borlog on the boat...silhouette king also was to tired to talk because of the threesome that happened the night before...i decided to read my book "angels and demons" while heartbroken and panic room were talking about thier love life. while reading....i fell asleep. so i didnt have any idea what time the boat left caticlan and what the two were talking about...when i woke up i sat down and looked at my fwens the silhouette queen, heartbroken and silhouette king was sound asleep but panic room was missing! i really didnt mind that much coz i know he's old enough to handle whatever things he might encounter on the boat....i mean he's so taray and everything kaya the boys will surely be intimidated. haha! luv yah mama! so i decided to sleep again (although i did not have any bookings,,,i was soooo tired)

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