Tuesday, May 03, 2005

LTO...tsk tsk tsk

i went to Perps with harvy to get his uniforms and enroll. it was sooooo hot but its ok coz i was kinda enjoying the view (hmmmmmmm......view daw?) hahaha! we ate lunch together before going to the LTO to renew my license. we got there at around 1pm and there were sooooooo many people. maybe because the lto was closed last monday. but anyways, i had to take the drug test and the medical exam....i passed! phew! ....oh well maybe they dont really detect something if you dont use it everyday....so after i finished accomplishing the different documents that i needed i went to the office and it was PACKED! grr.....i didnt have any choice so i had to line up and bear the HEAT! there were several steps that i had to follow before finally getting my farking license! and it was already 3pm! so i went to sm nalang to get the gowns that i used for the contest. when i got home i still had energy left to clean the car and play with porsche....now i'm already sleepy....gdnight! bisous! :D

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snowball said...

Ger! u are pretty!!!! =) Thanks for your commments! Nice blog layout.. i wish i can do something like yrs! =)Will be back for more!

Love, Jesslyn(Snowball)

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