Saturday, May 07, 2005

Boracay, Gays, Disco, Illusion shakers and Bookings

every year i go to boracay....and every time i go there i am sure to bring back beautiful memories with me. i went there with my x-boyfriend and his sister 5 years ago...the three of us had sooo much fun! (those were the days pare...hayy....yeah! THOSE were the dayS!)the year after that we went back....this time with his family...Whole Family! ang Tindi! ahhh yeah.....i do remember that!) they stayed in our newly made apartment...its was fun... (but then again....those days are over!) so sad lang because i didnt really want it to end... (ano bah! over na nga eh! kala ko ba over ka na!!! waaaahhhh!!! rawr!) sabaw na naman me...oh well back to bora...the year after that i went back again, this time with margauxh and mark. we also had a blassst! party every night, inom without having to buy our own drinks ( tsk ganda ng lola mo...bibilhan lang ng drinks!) danz danz til we drop and most of all getting a verry beautiful golden tan (kasi tulog til lunch time kaya after lunch nalang nag swim...hehe!) the year after that i went wid prens.... (sheesh! talaga lang ha? if i had only known....dapat talaga nilayo ko na sya sa DEMON!) oh well....i enjoyed...but not that much....except for the little sneaking in the room early in the morning! heheh! awwww! haha!.....aherrmmm.....back to topic...i also spent my halloween this year in bora with "MY" Hcp friends, ate eva, mommy, karl, tina, martin, kuya pat and ate gigi! it was mom was there also... (awww miss her already!! my nanay...) and December of 2004 was one of the BEST! bonding with my "bros" dancing with the barakos and drinking illusion shaker until i pass out! hahaha! even though i was not able to meet any prospects to heal my brrroken heart i had a fun fun time with my cousins and uncles...and this year..holy week with my cuz nikki...hehe! ( aka. yeye! Yeah! o pucha may kulay na blog ko! haha!) we had so much fun together with our other cousins! tambay lang....steady....cruisin' at mag-internet-habang-nasa-beach haha! of course there were a handful (hmmmm aminin! handful ha! ask yeye! haha! mamam ito! booking? nah! umabot ng 2 days eh hahahaha!!! shhhhh.....) of men who approached us and tried to make chorva....we walked the stretch of boracay's beautiful beach and we succeeded! (pak cuz di ko na ata kaya! kaya mo yan! sabi mo lakarin natin hanggang balik na tayo! haha) and just last may, i had a fashion show in bora and my friends came with me....namely Heartbroken Yako, Nep the Silhouette Threesome King, VJ The Silhouette Rampadora Queen and Aleck The Panic Room Closet Rampaging Roaring Chuchu "excuse-me-can-you-please-speak-in-english-coz-i-dont-understand-tagalog" Queen! haha! (and then there's me...the Cradle snatching pimpin' Queen) i really had sooo much fun with them...every day we would rampage on the beach... sunbathe while rating the "MEN" and in the evening go on separate ways because the silhouette queen wanted to fulfill her destiny ( which is to make booking ever at di aalis ng bora na hindi na loloss ang kanyang kabirhenan! oops! bong is dat chu?). i have to admit, i had lotsa fun listening to Vj's stories about the moving silhouettes in the dark, how she won the heart of a local with "my" sarong and how alcohol affects straight mens sexuality. i learned a lot from this trip....not only how people desire to be wanted, gays to be treated as real women, what a relationship needs but also how being honest with one another benefits your friendship. ( o! aminin! bawal mag sinungaling...kaya ko to sinasabi kasi friends kita....i want whats the best for you!) ang saya....thanks you guys! sana maulit!!


Shelley said...

bwahahhaha!ang kuLet!!!i like the sneaking-in-the-room-early-mornin..*wink*

Paulette said...

hahahah!!!! orayt cuz!! lol

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