Friday, March 04, 2005

still not over?

A Poem for You
by miguel

Weeks of memories have passed,
and most of it are not yet trashed.
I want to cry and shout out my blue,
but yet,im right here,writing a poem for you.

Yes!You have hurt me so much.
So much pain you can't imagine as such.
But guess what? I still love you
I still love you like my baby blue.

That's why im right here,writing a poem for you
A poem that wishes that i can get through.
I know that you're over me, but im not!
I still love you a whole lot.

It really hurts me when i pretend
and i don't know if i can contend.
I have pretended alot of times
and i hope they're no crime.

I pretended not to like you,
and all i got was "choo!"
I pretended that I don't care,
and they said that i don't share.

I pretended not to love you,
and guess what?
i didn't get through.
that's why im right here,writing a poem for you.

I hope this poem will make a difference,
because i don't want to get drench.
I still love you
and i hope you still do.

If i don't love you,
then i definitely still feel something for you,
because if i don't feel anything for you,
why would i make a poem?
a poem especially made for you.

read this poem! i guess miguel and i have had the same problems. but now i guess i'm ok and i have moved on. i'm focusing on my school and career but still there are dead moments that i think of our happy times together. i just wish he can read this so he will know how i felt before. now i am stronger and i wont let things go wrong again. i'm in love and i hope it never ends

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