Sunday, March 13, 2005


isnt it just annoying when some people easily forget? gawd! after several years of companionship they just do these things to you? i guess the devil can really change people. you met this person who is so sweet, caring and super nice but after that particular person becomes friends with the devil, things immediately change! grabe lang the nerve of these people! i know i have made really big mistakes in my past but those mistakes doesnt make me less of a person. i'm still who i am and these mistakes are helping me change for the better.

siguro lang i was wrong when i hoped that things would still change, that we would still be friends and that eventually we will be able to fulfill the promise that we made for each other that we will grow old togehter. even if these are just dreams it would still be far much better if we were still friends. he even promised me that even if we have our own families, we will still look after each other share our thoughts and comsult with each other about our problems. he probabably said all those things before because he still loved me but now that his love is gone..i would be hoping for nothing. i dont want to be a hypocrite and say that i dont love him anymore, but there will be a special place in my heart where he will always be.

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