Tuesday, March 15, 2005

love of my life

Love Of My Life


Oh, love of my life destined forever
I will be right here by your side
No falling tears when we're together
You know the joy you bring to me


There'll be no other we'll share as lovers
Right from the heart up from my mind
To your soul I will give it to you
My every little thing that I'm
more than willing I will give to you

Forever starts from now I promise you
Loving you is all that I can do
No one can take it away from me
Nobody but you...

Now is the time, stars will be bright
Our bodies will groove on to the night
Come take my hand, then we will fly high
Come on baby hear me say it

(Repeat Refrain & Chorus)

There'll be no time for sad goodbyes
Without you here I can't get by
Don't you go away...

>>>>hayyyy.....kaka miss! ahyyyyyyyy....so sad! but then maybe its just not meant to be. i wouldnt want to wait for something that i know would never be mine. its sooo frustrating! but what am i going to do? i know i have moved on, i know that i still love him and i have already accepted the fact that its oooooooover for him. i keep on telling myself these things but something inside just can hear it. i need a strong wind to blow me away..far far away...its not that easy but i wish this wind comes my way soon....i wish! :(

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