Wednesday, March 16, 2005


i just got home...i'm so tired. i was out the whole day coz i went to the bank with my dad, left home early coz our call time in meralco theater for the fashion show was 2pm. i was surprised that i got there early. i was the third to get there (weehee!) the show started at around 7:30 pm and ended at around 10:30. this was supposed to be a fund raising concert for a particular non-profit organization that helps the less fortunate. (but of course we got paid) anyways, this has been a great day for me...i was able to talk my dad into buying new tires for my car, i have money because of the show that i just did, Runway productions called to inform me that i have shows for the Philippine Fashion Week this last week of march, my defense schedule has been moved to next week, the designer allowed me to borrow her really cool semi-corporate muslim inspired outfit that i can use for my defense dad didnt get mad when i got home late! weehee!!!!!! eventhough i experience physical and mental fatigue its ok because everything that i did today was worth it! :D holy week is coming soon and i cant wait to go to boracay!!!! weeee!!!

aleck, me and patty = team IMARA
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