Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Does your name begin with: P

You are very conscious of social proprieties. You wouldn't think of Doing anything that might harm your image or Reputation. Appearances count. Therefore, you require a good-looking partner. You also require an intelligent partner. Oddly enough, you may view your partner as your enemy...a good fight stimulates those vibes. You are relatively free of hang- ups.You are willing to experiment and try new ways of doing things.You are very social and sensual; you enjoy flirting and need a good deal of physical gratification.

just another blog filler..i'm really not in the mood to write down my personal thoughts lately..i'm so busy with school work (which is my thesis) and i'm still doing fashion shows that take up most of my time. time just runs so fast that i cant just keep up with it that easy. i'm already old and i still have so much things to do..i have'nt reached all my goals yet but at least i was able to do the things that i wanted to do. well, i will just keep on concentrating with the things that i have to do so i can move on to another level in my life. good luck to me!

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