Friday, January 28, 2005

i was so busy.......but really happy

i woke up early in the morning to attend my Accounting Class. its was ok, a bit boring but at least i was able to keep myself awake the whole time. i was pretty amazed that i listened to what the teacher was talking about and when it was time for us to do an exercise, i aced it! :D

after my first class i went to Rob Place to meet Angela. we ate at Kenny Rogers with Ruben (Killer_eyes) chatted for a while then headed back to school again.

angel and me!

I arrived just in time for my logic class....a really interesting class! ( with a semi-weird teacher, a super slutty girl group, nerds, bisexuals and me lolz) i had fun doing our exercises and i'm looking forward to attending the class again next week.

right after my last class, i immediately went to the shop to change clothes and fix myself. bon forgot to pick me up so i had to ride the LRT going to the shop. it was ok because the train was not jampacked and there were vacant seats so i was able to text and call through my sun cell.

hectic schedules and thesis made me miss playing Gunbound. i was able to play while putting on some make-up. Tsa and abby went to the shop to visit us but we had to leave coz it was already 4:30pm and my Vtr was only til 5pm so we had to leave eventhough tsa and abby just got there.

richmond was already waiting for me in Adcaster so we had to hurry going to makati. the vtr was easy but they had to change my age so that i would look older and fit the peg of the caster. after that we transferred to another casting agency where i had 3 vtrs. the two were quite easy but the third one required me to memorize a short script and here it goes:

me: And here are some evidences against you

girl: blah blah blah....

me: Brown iotas laced with your ephithelials
choco-crumbs! latent fingerprints!
Micro-spectum phytometric perfectly fit.

me: you, undeniably are a biscuit-holic!! the script was kinda wierd but it was a bit hard to memorize because of those freakin words! well anyways, it was cool since it was like hitting 4 birds with one stone :D

night time came....bon and i were already exhausted and we wanted to go straight home, but then tsa called and wanted to eat outside so we passed by thier house first to hang out before eating dinner. but we ended up eating there and going to quiapo to buy loads of dvd's. i didnt have money but i could'nt resist the temptation of buying my favorite movies so i got all my emergency money and spent all of it.

here are some of the movies that i got:

-taking lives
-starsky and hutch
-soul plane
-face off
-top gun
-ladder 49
-the road to el dorado
-the emperors new groove
-calendar girls
-brother bear
-you got served
-the matrix
-matrix revolutions
-the incredibles
-sense and sensibility

we were so tired after checking all those cool movies so we went to jollibee magallanes to get some food and go home. far this is the longest blog i have ever written and i'm starting to get the hang of this :)

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meow said...


uyy may pix pala ako d2!! nice blog ate pauie!!! :)
grabeh ang hectic pla ng sched mo nung naglunch tayo.. but u stil managed to drop by and have lunch with me.. aww.. sweetness!!

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