Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Raintree Misibis Bay Resort

Misibis is the ultimate PARADISE!

I could say lots of things about this place. My stay here has made me feel like i'm royalty! I could just imagine how it was to live during the time of the gods and goddesses. We (me, my friend and our tita) had the best time ever! And we would definitely come back if work permits us.

I soooo loved our Luxury Villa. It was pure luxury. The bed was so cozy that we all wanted to stay tucked in bed and sleep all day. But there was more to see and to experience that we had to drag ourselves out of bed. If i was with my special someone I would have wanted to just stay in the room and cuddle all day.

We were all a bunch of adventure seekers so we decided to take the ATV tour and see what the trek had to offer. Our eyes bulged out at the sight of the lovely scenery surrounding the vicinity of the resort. We all had time to take pictures not only of ourselves but also the wonderful 360 degrees beauty of the island.

The food is another reason why I would want to come back to this place. I loved the pork bbq and i will never forget how i loved the addictive chocolate cake that was named after the owner's wife Ms. Mylene. The chef definitely knows his craft and makes sure that his creations are made with love for it to taste that great.

Finally, the service... its is probably the main reason why our stay in Misibis Bay had been ultimately memorable. The staff were all so warm and accommodating. Rex, the F&B Manager was always there to make sure that all of our whims are catered to. Macky, who was Managed the rooms was also there to make sure that our stay was wonderful and even the owners was nice enough to allow us to have pictures taken with them.

Overall, I highly recommend Misibis Bay to those people who want to get away from the busy life in the city, experience being treated like royalty and most of all be impressed by the immense beauty of god's creations.


Patrick said...

How did you find the beach and sand conditions?

cagayan de oro resorts said...

A very nice view and a very warm hospitality that greets you, what more can you ask for on a vacation? Do you mind if I ask for the contact number of this hotel? I would love to try to have a vacation there.

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