Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Philippine All-Stars 2008 World Hip-hop Champs!

Congratulations again to the Philippine All-Stars for bagging the gold medal at the 2008 World Hip-hop Championships!

Filipinos are renowned all over the world not only as skilled professionals but also as talented dancers, singers and artists. It is different when you get to represent your own country in an international competition and come home with pride and dignity after winning the Gold!

I was not able to bring home the crown when i competed for Miss Model International 2005 in the caribbean islands but im proud to say that i was able to land in the top 15 finalists after competing with 60+ girls all over the globe. I felt more triumphant when i bagged the 4th runner up and best grace award when i represented the philippines in the Best Model of the World 2005 in Istanbul, Turkey. My friends and family was so proud that i was able to be recognized in other countries. :)

so to the Philippine All-Stars.. Congratulations and More power!!!

2008 world hip hop championships

awarding ceremonies

some of thier vids:


the donG said...

wow! what a performance?! it's really good to know that they are making the pinoys very very proud.

thanks for sharing this video. i saw it first here.

being a fourth runner up also makes us proud paui.

Paulette said...

yeah they've been champs na since 2006 pa yata! grabae galing di ba?

hehe thanks dong! :D

Retro Manila said...

I don't dance nor listen to hip hop, but I'm a fan of this group. Ever since I've seen them on TV years ago, I've always been on the hunt for new vids of theirs on Youtube.

Glad to receive this good news.


The Islander said...

theyre the same group who always bag the grand prize, right? so, hall of famer na sila? galing nila, ive got to watch some of their guestings in tv.

acey said...

wowwww, they're really cool. no wonder why my younger brother is crazy about them! :D

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